Selasa, 22 Januari 2013

It All Started Again

It all started again. What is the thing that "Started again"?? The falling water a.k.a RAIN!!! It was just raining, and IT IS still raining. Why won't it stop? Is this the wrath of Zeus? Yeahaha, I wish -_- It's raining over and over again. And for those who still in the middle of the flood, I must say that I feel sorry for you guys. And also, sorry because I can't do anything to help y'all.

I just went back from school, when a little raindrop touched my face. And then I said "What the fuck is this? It's raining already?!". But there's no rain or storms or tornadoes coming so, I just walked into the parking lot to take mah motorcycle. When I was in the middle of the way, suddenly the heavy-shitty-rain falls from above! WTF?! Because I was afraid that my laptop inside my bag would get wet, so I just rushed into the parking lot, start my motorcycle, and go as fast as I can. No obstacles, actually. But the heavy rain blocked my view. Those little shitty raindrops blocked my view! I almost died... well, no. When I reach home, I saw my motorcycle smokin' hot like a freshly-baked buns. And then I was just like "Shit. Mah laptop!!" and so, I checked my laptop. Happily, my laptop is not wet at all! Not even a little raindrop touch my precious laptop.. Thank God. But, I was soaking wet like a newly-bathed cat. So I quickly get into the bathroom and took a shower. This was a crazy-ass day

That was my story. Not so special, I know. But it worth shared. See y'all~

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