Senin, 21 Januari 2013

Dear You

Did you remember
When we were giggling at each other
When we were acting like nothing's gonna happen
When there's no awkward feelings

Did you remember
When the only feeling, is the feeling of caring each other
There are no such feelings as love
And nothing separate us

And did you remember
When I said those words
Which changed our life
Since then

That is
The biggest mistake I ever made
Because I know I just can't let you go again
Because I wanna be with you
For life

I know I can't be romantic
I'm not even a gamer like you
It's the untold truth, I know
But still, I wish we could be together

Time changes, you changes
People changes, and so do I
But, what have I done?
I change you the most
I regret my decision

I think all was just perfect
Until the time has come
We got separated
Since then

Time, flies
You, gone
I felt no hatred
But I felt no love either
I knew this would happen
But I'm not prepared

I don't want you to gone
I don't want you to leave

But who the hell cares about me?
Who cares if I'm speeding in the middle of the night?
Who cares if I jump from this speeding motorcycle?
Who cares if I do crime?
Who cares if I die?

No one cares about me
No more fucks given for me
I wish I could just build a rocket and live on the moon
Yeah, I wish

My days turned into lonely days
Your smile has gone
And so your laugh
I just can't forget you
I just can't

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